12-Year-Old And 10-Year-Old’s Message To Their Mother Who Is No Longer Raising Them

12-Year-Old And 10-Year-Old’s Message To Their Mother Who Is No Longer Raising Them

I wanted to hear from the children. We haven’t spoken to the children but we have excerpts from letters written to the children and this is a letter from Sara’s daughter, that was written on March 28, 2018 and I want to share this with you. It says, Mom, ever since I moved in with Grandma and Papa, I have wondered why I’m here and not there. Why I’m living with my grandparents and step family, and not you. Is there something that I’m doing wrong? You were my hero. In my mind, you were my super mom. Until one day I ended up with all of my things in my grandma’s car, waving goodbye. All I want is my old life back. My family back and most of all, my mom back. What do you think about that? It hurts, it hurts a lot. (sniffling)
(sighing) I want to be a good mom. But, my mom thought it was best if she left me. Well your quote was, when my daughter was six I couldn’t handle being a mom, that’s a quote from you. Yeah, it’s hard to be a single mom when you’re a baby yourself. You just said, “It’s because of my mother.” She suggested it. You said, when she was six, you said, I could not handle being a mom. Yeah, it was hard. I would love to be a great mother to them. What are you willing to do to do that? Two weeks ago you were black out drunk. Your son wrote a letter. How I feel about my mom is, I feel weird about it. Also, my sister told me that our mom would never have her clean her room, she never had chores but I don’t really like that, I want to a responsible person but I still really, really, really, really love her so much. I love you Sara, you’re perfect. And you surrendered him when he was how old? Six months old. He says, I still really, really, really, really love her so much. Yeah, and I really really love him so much. And my daughter. Sara, do you feel like you ever bonded with your son, do you feel ever really bonded with him? No, he was six months old when Nathan took him. I mean when he was younger. Nathan didn’t take him, you dropped him off and left him. No, I didn’t.
Yes, you did. Okay I forgot, you’re always right.

Danny Hutson

38 thoughts on “12-Year-Old And 10-Year-Old’s Message To Their Mother Who Is No Longer Raising Them

  1. I love this channel so much but ive recently learned he doesnt even have a psychiatry liscence since around 2006. So that ruined my view. I was thinking he was a legend. I do believe he knows alot of what he's talking about, all those accusations I've seen against him might be true.

  2. Anytime it is time for her to take responsibility, she does the same thing my brother does shift blame when her own bad choices makes her uncomfortable she tries to deflect to an argument to taake the blame off of her

  3. The thing that breaks me about that kids letter is "is there something i am doing wrong"? Yet when you watch her face, she only breaks down at the part which appeals to her narcissism, the "you're my hero" part. People tell you exactly who they are if you pay attention.

  4. Kids always think the best of their parents. That's why is sad…when you leave them alone or abuse them or worse….kids idolize their parents because they are all they know. I think people who have people telling them they are horrible everyday believe it. My mom used to do that to me and still does and I'm 27. But she tells everyone I'm a good kid…but harps on me being 5 minutes late for something. Stop telling you kids what YOU think YOU see in them and be positive and stop tearing people down. Thats why alot of kids are screwed up. And not to say they dont make mistakes…or have done it in the past….but they made a mistake….talk about it and move on…dont guilt trip people and shove it in their face. Just tell them and show them and help them be better WITH POSITIVITY.

  5. I understand the pain of the child as me and my sister are in the same situation. Or was… now I don't care about not living with my mother

  6. My mom suggested I put both my kids up for adoption. I didnt. If u feel that there's a chance u might regret that decision then dont do it. Even if u have only a small hesitation dont. That's a decision u will never be able to take back. She obviously hasnt accepted that she made a choice. Even if mom suggested it, u played a role and a bigger one at that cuz those were ur kids

  7. I was actually feeling pity for her until the first thing she says out of her mouth is how it is all her mother's fault. Own up to your actions woman!

  8. There are many single mothers that do everything they can on a daily for their kids. Yes it's hard. It's one of the most difficult things an adult can experience. Raising children is no walk in the park lady. Grow up, and take care of your kids

  9. Just because you can have children doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Jeeez it’s called adoption, let them have a loving mother.

  10. Is it me or do most off Dr Phil vids show pixel reformation just on the face & hand area..Very strange..reptilian shape shifting..

  11. Watching Dr Phil makes me realize there are so many sick people out there, they are among us, but you can’t suspect any abnormality in their mindset unless you are privy to their life stories. Sad…

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