107 #Aaltonen – The biggest spammer in the whole of Scandinavia

107 #Aaltonen –  The biggest spammer in the whole of Scandinavia

I have a great mission. I went to HubSpot Partner Day in Dublin, Ireland to talk about about 100 advertising agencies, about videos and I always talk my key notes by telling who I am and how I get to this point with my life. I have a great experience. I started with marketing automation about 5 years ago. And I thought it was like a machine gun. I could shoot marketing messages as much as I liked to, you know spam people with emails like crazy. That’s what we did. In the span of 90 days I sent over million emails to Finnish companies. A Swedish Pardot partner called me and told me: “Jani, you’re the biggest spammer in the whole of Scandinavia. You got to stop.” They saw how much we were sending and compared the numbers to others and I received that excellent title. The biggest spammer in the whole of Scandinavia. That was pretty great. I actually thought back then and many marketers still think that sending more emails, as in spamming, you’d get bigger results. Well that didn’t work. We had to change our business from not going to the customer, but what if the customer came to us. Which meant we had to start mattering to you. We had to start producing content that was relevant and worth your time. That was we could convert leads and sell more. Now we’ve done it, and imagine a Finnish agency we’re internationally one of the best agencies. On the top of the world. I have a new mission. Let’s build this for the next 5 to 10 years and I’m after another title, “Best inbound marketer in the world.” That should challenge me for a while. I want my content to really matter to people and do it for a long term in oder to create trust. Just like with these videos. We’re making 120 of them. See you tomorrow!

Danny Hutson

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