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  1. Been to the airplane grave yard multiple times….this shouldn't even be on a list let a lone in a top 10 since you can actually go there

    Wtf is the mystery????

  2. Why is Myrtles Plantation mentioned if it has no photo from Google earth presented here? Was it left out, or just mentioned because it is a haunted house on Earth? Genuinely intrigued, I live near it.

  3. The park by my house is shaped like a pentagram too, look up burnt hickory park Dallas ga, it's kinda unnerving since I hear slot of wierd noises while on my back porch, such as heavy foot steps and even growling at times too low to be animal in origin, it's the one further north not the one by the neiborhoods

  4. The pentagram has been used in magic for safety of the one inside. That's why you see pagans, wiccans and other such people use them alot. If the pentagram is turn around to look like a goat's head instead(star upside down) then that's the satanic star and is used for cults as it was kinda shown here. Just really need it to clear that up so it wont be misrepresented as something evil.

  5. 1:21 they used to kill people during sectarian violence and throw them in that lake … It's locally called as "Al saddah" translated to the dam. They once celebrated killing one thousands guys named Omar in that area.

  6. Unrelated to this video, but I think I may have stumbled across a new Mandela Effect. I was having a Star Wars marathon starting from Episode 1, and things were fine until I was in the middle of Episode 4: A New Hope. Everyone who's seen them enough can recite this movies pretty easily from memory. So it really threw me when I was parroting Mark Hamill (as Luke Skywalker) shouting into the communication device for C3PO and R2D2 to deactivate and open the "garbage smasher" on the detention level. Is it just me or has this been something changed. I've always remembered it as "trash compactor".

  7. Btw the lake is very polluted that's why it looks red and the explanation for it came out 2017 by a lot of scientists

  8. I would like to know when Mr. Santoro is is going to do the research when it comes to supposedly DEMONIC symbols. The inverted pentacle has nothing to do with the Christian Satan. It is the symbol of Baphomet, a fertility god of the Celts. There is NOTHING sinister or evil about him, unless you fell sex is evil!!

  9. Um…if the pentacle (not pentagram) is on the ground and can be viewed from any angle, it's not necessarily inverted. The pentacle is an ancient symbol of protection.

  10. I wanted to add about the pentagram that in Wiccan theology, a regular pentagram represents G-d while the inverted version represents the G-ddess, most often Venus. In order for it to be satanic, the goat head and the writing around the inner edge of the circle. Even then, this idea was still borrowed from Wicca as the goat represents Bahmut, the horned God, a common form of G-d in Wiccan culture.

  11. What does the myrtles plantation have to do with google earth ? There was no mention of google earth during that segment.

  12. Pentagrams do not have a circle, those are Pentacles which are the Holy Symbol of the Wiccans and Pagans of modern day.

    A pentagram is a star shape without a circle and is only a Holy Symbol of Satanism or Lucifarianism, if two points point up.

  13. FYI: the town in Kazakhstan is LISAKOVSK not Lyokovski where the Pentagram is located 😉
    Over the lake there are few strange circles also that you should look 🙂

  14. In the last clip you show a pentagram and a pentacle . They are two distinct symbols which have very distinct and different meanings. The pentagram today is widely used as a symbol of the devil, thus the goat-like appearance with the two points facing upwards as the devil's horns and on pointing as the goatee. This a typically recognized as a symbol of Satan worshippers. Inverted it a referred to a pentacle, commonly recognized as a Pagan symbol such as used in the Wiccan religion and is a symbol of Divinity symbolizing the Divine above all others. Just an FYI,

  15. Sandy island would of been real since it’s name sandy island and back when captain cook was discovering the sea level would of been lower meaning it would of been a big sand bank

  16. Damn, I don't know what happened to u dude but ur video used to made me feel happy by watching it but now it gives me chills

  17. I live in Tucson. The boneyard is a pretty cool thing to see. Hell, I drive by it sometimes. You’re not allowed on the premises unless you’re military, or manage to convince someone higher up to let you see it. Supposedly there are pressure sensors in the ground so that way the instant anyone attempts to trespass in there (and, good luck getting over the double layer barbed and razor wire fence), the military will know.

  18. I am saying this based on documentary I watched. I believe the lake in first part of clip was red algae. It has happened in other lakes and even oceans. I could be wrong.

  19. for #4 In 2004 when the Tsunami hit that area they went to check on them to see if they need help but when they got there the tribe started to shot at the helicopters with there bows arrows & spears

  20. The pentagram was originally a Christian and pagan symbol. It symbolizes protect from evil. The five points represent the five elements air fire water earth and spirit. The circle symbolizes the unity of the elements

  21. The tribe at number 4 isn't that the same tribe that shot that man with arrows to death because he tried to convert them to Christianity?

  22. I wanna drop #4 all the technology, and watch them. That would be a science experiment worth everything. Or just fly some drones all around them, possibly some remote control cars, donuts and tacos… endless possibilities.

  23. Eyyy Myrtyles Plantation, he even mentioned the right town it's in… Every other list I see says either near or in Baton Rouge… Still only reason that small town is even known is cause of the Myrtle's

  24. Sandy Island is probably a fake island. When people made maps in the old times, they would often draw fake Island on their map so they would take notice if someone copied their map.

  25. I bet you I could make a heck of a home out of a gutted B-52 StratoFortress. How cool would that be, to live in an old super bomber.

  26. As a fellow Canadian Matthew, you should know the ship near North Sentinel Island ran aGROUND. Not around. It means the ship it land, not being able to free itself.

  27. Seriously?! I just went to leave a comment and I'm going to be number 667 oh, thank God I wasn't 6 6 6. Now I can't remember what the hell my comment was lol lol!

  28. I live only a couple hours from the Myrtle Plantation and my Mom took me for my 15 th birthday. We had genuine freaky experiences we still can’t explain. Definitely recommend going if you get the chance

  29. No, Thank You For Making Videos With Such Clean Content. When I Share Your Videos On Facebook, I Don't Feel Ashamed From Certain Language Being Used. So Thank You For The Content You Grace Us With.

  30. Well, I finally subscribed. Idk I've watched enough of you to do it. There's something about you I'm not sure what though, I'm not sure I've seen it before. A part of me wishes I could be this enthusiastic, and I enjoy the research u put into it all. Kinda like a creepy pasta u don't get tired of

  31. I like you but I do wish you would stop saying that us satanists worship the devil. We have no religion, in order for us to worship satan, we would have to believe there is also a god (neither of which we believe exists) please read the satanic bible and you will understand us.

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