10 Computer Myths and Lies (Stop Believing These Now)

10 Computer Myths and Lies (Stop Believing These Now)

Watch out! Pressing one wrong button on your computer could cause it to explode! Well, obviously not. Today, we’re gonna go over 10 really common myths and lies about computers that you should probably stop believing right now. Some of them are rooted in reality, and others are really just nonsense. But before we get started, as a quick request to you guys, and I really hate that I have to do this, but since the new YouTube algorithm really only favors videos with a lot of likes and comments, I have to beg, that if you decide you like this video at any point while watching, please give it a thumbs up and as you may have noticed, the YouTube algorithm really hates my channel and barely shows new videos to you guys, even if you’re subscribed so if you like and comment and enable notifications, it really helps out! But anyway, enough blabbering, let’s go. So, starting off with the first myth, that “you must restart your computer after installing every program” or else it won’t work, it’s just not gonna work. Now, though in reality 9 times out of 10 when a program says that you have to do this it’s just not true. Now yes, on very rare occasions you actually do have to restart the computer for the software to work, but I could probably count that on one hand the number of times I’ve seen that happen. And the reason they say this is because sometimes the installation of the software will have to modify files that are already in use by something else and to unlock that file of sorts you would have to restart the computer. But in almost all cases, if you just run the program after installing it, it’ll be fine and its not gonna break anything. Next number 2. “Windows is an insecure operating system.” Now this is a myth that’s based on faulty logic. Yes, it’s true that most hackers target Windows users, and there are more viruses for Windows, but the reason for that is simply because there are so many more Windows users than other operating systems and that makes it more worth a hacker’s time to focus on Windows, so if they create a virus for Windows, it has a higher chance of “success” if you’d consider it that. However, if you keep Windows constantly up to date, you are good with automatic backups, you don’t put it off for weeks on end, it actually is pretty secure because a lot of hacks, many of them, rely on exploits that have already been patched, if you would only keep it up to date. So if you don’t keep your operating system up to date, when you’re going to get got and if you are holding onto really old operating systems like XP you’re just putting yourself at risk the next myth isn’t so prevalent anymore but it’s that you need to safely eject a thumb drive before unplugging it The reason that feature exists and it says to do that is to make sure that nothing on the thumb drive is still being used and written to. If you pull out a thumb drive while a file is being copied to it or something like that you do have a good chance of permanently corrupting that file or others so if you’re just copy an unimportant file to thumb drive and you know it’s done there’s nothing being read to it nothing is going to happen if you unplug it but if you say are saving an incredibly important document like a thesis onto it and you’re not totally sure if it’s being accessed by another program or Microsoft Word is still saving to it or something safely ejecting it is certainly not a bad idea and i would do that but most of the time 99% of time nothing’s going to happen as long as you don’t unplug it in the middle of saving all right number four isn’t so much a myth but its installation disks for monitors routers keyboards and other nonsense i think that most of you know what I’m talking about here i have no idea why manufacturers still include stupid hardware installation disks with their products and even in the few cases where you actually do need to install a driver for a device to work because it’s not supported by windows by default that installation disk is going to have completely outdated version of the driver on it and you’re going to have to download the updated driver from the website anyway so ignore driver installation disks just install it directly from the manufacturer website number five you don’t need an antivirus if you’re good with computers wrong sir wrong now of course common sense and good practices for security are the best antivirus but there are occasional situations where you can get infected with zero interaction or fault of your own for example if you’re visiting a website maybe it was somehow compromised and in that case a hacker may take advantage of an exploit in your browser or a plug-in for your browser and this is why it’s so critical to keep all your software up-to-date because again most of these exploits rely on outdated software and if you have a really outdated version all those exploits have already been found for a while and sometimes it’s a drive-by attack where you don’t even have to click on anything it’s just malicious code on the website, not super often but it can happen keeping software update includes your browser itself your operating system browser plug-ins and java if you have java not JavaScript by the way java installed in your computer first of all I recommend disabling it in browser altogether because you almost never need it and i would even consider uninstalling it altogether you almost never see Java plugins there’s only really not that many that use it anyway Java is one of the most commonly exploited softwares out there and it’s because nobody keeps it up to date so either keep it up-to-date, disable it in your browser or just uninstall it completely you’re probably not going to even notice next number six is related to number five and that is if you have an antivirus you can’t get viruses I hope I don’t have to explain this one antivirus software is not bulletproof and many rely on virus definitions so if it’s a new virus or one that has been slightly modified it won’t be detected because it’s not in the database, of course today any viruses also use heuristics which looks at the behavior of the program and spots anything suspicious but that too is not perfect there’s a lot of false positives a lot of false negatives as well so just because you have antivirus doesn’t mean you can ignore all the other best practices antivirus should be a last line of defense number seven if you pay for a faster internet plan websites will load faster the only time this is true is if you have a really low tier internet such as 20 megabits per second or less but going from fifty to a hundred megabytes for example is not going to really have an effect on how fast web sites load mostly because websites do not take up much bandwidth at all to load the content on them like videos and that sort of thing might take more but the website itself might only be like a few megabytes at most and at a certain point it’s like using a fire hose to fill up a bucket when you could just use a garden hose and even with downloading files it’s usually the website server itself that’s limiting the download speed not your connection i mean i have gigabit and the only time I saturate my connection is when i’m downloading from major services that are used to handling huge downloads like steam for video games usenet Amazon Google and others but if you go to download something from an average website they are most likely throttling downloads because they don’t have to pay to be able to handle everyone’s high-speed internet they want to be able to pay for a lower bandwidth and just give everyone a slower download speed to save costs now obviously there’s plenty of reasons to get a very fast internet speed if you have a lot of people in your house or you do download huge files regularly or you just like to have fast internet you probably know why then obviously i’m not going to say don’t get it now number eight is very near and dear to my heart and that is that people who are good with computers know how to fix every computer problem well for those of you who don’t already know i’m gonna let you in on some top-secret information don’t tell anyone you see 99 percent of the time we have no idea what the problem is and we simply google the error message to see if anyone else has already figured it out on a forum or something like that you see most of the time being good at fixing computers actually just means we’re good at searching for the solution and knowing the right questions to ask about how to find the solution that someone already came up with so of course every once in a while there is a problem that apparently no one has ever had before and that does take quite a bit of critical thinking but most of the time you can just find the answer as a top search result so try yourself next time you have never message google it and see if you can figure it out yourself all right number nine I mean more ram is better well actually it is but just like the internet speed myth getting more than you need probably won’t help i would say for the average person 8 gigabytes of RAM is definitely enough i mean the most common programs don’t use that much RAM and they only use what they need now if you’re using a heavy hitter program like adobe premiere pro photoshop then yeah get as much ram as you can afford because that type of professional work will gobble up as much memory as you can throw at it but those of you who do need that much ram don’t need me to tell you that but one more thing to remember about ram is that just important as the amount of ram is the speed or frequency in the latency of the ram and yes latency is equally as important as the clock frequency so if you don’t understand how latency relates to frequency don’t buy any more ram until you do and I did actually make another video on my old channel here if you want to see my explanation of that should be pretty helpful and now finally number ten is that you need to wear an anti-static wristband anytime you open your computer or else lightning bolts will literally shoot out of your hands and incinerate your entire computer but really unless you’re wearing like wool socks and drag your feet across the carpet or something anti-static wrist bands aren’t exactly as important as you think this is all anecdotal right here but I built several computers open my computer countless times even on carpeting probably not the best idea but I’ve never fried component nor heard of any friends of doing the same i’m not going to go as far as outright telling you to not use one because they do help they do what they’re supposed to but if you don’t use one odds are you’re going to be fine that being said though if I were handling and extremely expensive component like a cpu I would still like to play it safe and wear a simple two-dollar wrist strap no matter what the odds it’s just not worth the risk but if you’re at least reasonably careful there’s not much to worry about otherwise so there you have it 10 common computer myths and the truth behind them some of their more my opinion so you’re free to disagree but if you guys did like this video be sure to give a thumbs up and if you think I’m an idiot feel free to give it thumbs down also if you guys know some myths of your own be sure to leave a comment letting us know what that is and also vote off other people’s comments if you think they had some good myths ideas too if you guys want to check some other videos i’ll put those right here you can click on these on the right-hand side even if your own a phone and also consider subscribing because I make new videos three times a week tuesday thursday saturday and consider clicking the bell next to the subscribe button to get notifications when I do upload so you don’t rely on youtube to know what you want to watch so I’m looking forward to hear from you guys either way thanks for watching and let me know of course if you have any suggestions for future topics i do want to hear about it so i’ll see you next time have a good one

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “10 Computer Myths and Lies (Stop Believing These Now)

  1. Installation disks are great when you don't have an internet connection, like when you're installing a network adapter.

  2. Do you understand how hard it is to get office people to properly dismount a thumb drive? Telling them they don't have to do that is NOT making my life easier! Did you watch Jurassic Park and learn nothing? Just because we CAN do a thing does not mean we SHOULD do a thing. Develop good habits. Dismount your thumb drives properly!

  3. Myth 11: My computer is slow so I deleted almost all of my pictures but it is still slow. When I used to work in the domestic repair field I heard this on a daily bases .

  4. I only has one or two major viruses that got me using windows since Windows 3.1, so yeah it's pretty secure for the average user. What gets people in trouble is clicking on suspicious links in emails or downloading weird random games that contain payloads that target your system.
    Zero day exploits are the worst possible scenario, because your anti virus program has not ran the heuristic check and even knows that virus exist, and that is why windows is constantly updating every week, just patch that shit, don't take any chance and procrastinate on your updates.

  5. Theo, I always give you a like. I am an attorney and used to own a real estate title company. I would to tell my secretaries to try anything, there is nothing you can do that I cannot fix.

  6. A lot of this list is garbage. Viruses don't really exist anymore. Malware, sure, viruses, not so much. Antivirus is a great way to slow down your computer for no real benefit. Been running without antivirus since ASLR became a thing and no viruses. Probably because I don't download programs that have malware. Internet connection speed WILL speed up your webpages if you have more than one person in your house, depending on your connection type. Many ISPs in my area use serial type connections, as such each web fetch is handled in sequence. If someone is watching youtube and someone else wants a webpage, then the youtube has to buffer before the crappy router they give you moves on. Installation disks are necessary all the time. For wifi cards, network cards and a lot of hardware from companies like creative. For whatever reason, I have a bunch of creative stuff that requires the original drivers to be installed before you can update to the latest drivers. I have a monitor that has a super specific DDC driver that you cannot get anywhere but the box. Sure you can live in 720p @60hz with a terrible color profile, but I would much prefer 4k @100hz with the SRGB one. I stopped watching after that.

  7. Are you the guy who put out a bunch of myth videos? Like taping batteries to your coax cable will double your internet speeds?

  8. Wrist straps….. I used to work for Gateway. We rarely used wrist straps and just remembered to always touch the frame before touching anything that might get fried. This will discharge any static build-up and you can mess with what ever you want.

  9. ["keep it up to date"] ==> pure bullshit. you're TOTALLY wrong that so-called "holes" incur the "wrath of something from high atop the thing." THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF LOST TIME AND DATA IS ENDLESS PATCHES THAT BREAK PERFECTLY FUNCTIONAL SYSTEMS. Once it works reliably, LEAVE IT ALONE.

  10. There are So many times I wish I could ask you questions about my computer, but voicing them in the comments will make me feel way too stupid LOL

  11. hmm, as an example of how windows is just insecure I would point to the way it handles ports. In linux, bsd and any decent os the ports are blacklisted as standard, the only OS which whitelists all ports as standard is windows. While what you said is true windows is still a fundamentally insecure OS, that isnt a myth.

  12. Error #1. Older versions of windows are actually at less risk on home computers then new but not updated versions for the simple reason you already explained. There is more value to targeting newer systems.

    Error #2. Install disks are absolutely valuable. I won't go into all the reasons but the most obvious is if you have a secure computer not connected to the internet then that's the only driver you can install to start with, unless you are going to a insecure computer to download a new driver install file thereby increases the risk the isolated computer will get a virus ( note this is still low risk but time consuming ).

    Error #3. New extremely large USB drives have their " directory " of files copied over to windows for faster access. It then has to be copied back if any changes are made. If you fail to use the eject feature on these USB drives you can loose all changes to the directory, and in some cases the directory on the USB drive will also be corrupted even if no files are changed.

    at this point I stopped watching your video as while you aren't likely to harm the average user with your statements, they are also not accurate enough to bother listening to the rest of your video.

  13. Computer Magicians – Yes. I'm expected to know everything. I know a lot but not every single little thing

  14. The fact that Windows Defender exists (not saying you shouldn't have a full antivirus software keep in mind) kinda makes it more difficult to not have any antivirus software doesn't it?

  15. If you hit the wrong button on a TRS-80, it will go down in flames. But I have to agree that destroying a Windows computer isn't that simple.

  16. Can you do a video on why Java conflicts so badly with Windows these days? Because of the eXist database program, I would like to run Java on my computer. But Windows seems to hate Java.

  17. Antistatic wristbands are very important if you're working on your motherboard. Otherwise, they are a waste of time.

  18. I like how he KNOWS that likes on a Video are what the algorithm wants even though Google themselves don't know exactly how the algorithm works exactly anymore… 🤔🤔

  19. One myth that pisses me off, is that just because I know PCs , it does NOT automatically mean that I know Every Electronbic device in the house!

  20. im using deepfreeze instead of antivirus and smadav for security of my usb and very useful application in my laptop very secure even the virus attack my laptop and i turn off the system and then no more virus again recover the orginal program.

  21. With #10, (the anti-static band), even if I wanted to go the safest way, I just roll up a pants leg and make sure my leg is touching something that would discharge any static anyhow.

  22. NO. sorry but windows IS inherently vulnerable. Always has been. OF COURSE more hackers are gonna target it because it is the biggest OS in the world, BUT ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL windows is still less secure than linux, unix, bsd, mac OS, and every other damn OS out there in the wild. ON the server side WINDOZE servers have always been less secure than LINUX. This is a well known FACT. Microsoft sucks and has always sucked at everything they do except predatory business practices. Christ how long have you been into computers man?

  23. I never had any virus scanner on any of my working desktops and servers for over 34 years now, and nothing bad has happened to me since. Oh, wait, maybe that's because I use real operating systems 😉 and not that bunch of sh*t from Redmont …

  24. I havent used an antivirus in 20 years… antiviruses are like condoms, you don t need them if you have safe habits…

  25. I hope someone can help me.
    I've installed a music scoring software and when I open it, it sews up the sound driver meaning any other file the has sound in it won't work, just the music scoring software can, and that's until I exit the software then I can open other sound files. is there a solution for that?

  26. Safely eject to avoid the usb drive corruption….which happens eventually anyway….ez fix with chkdsk no files lost
    And now you make me sad, 15 megabit 🙁

  27. Its 100Mbps not 100MBps.

    I used to think the opposite. And Choose a Plan with 10 Mbps. Screw my Computer teacher for not telling me this.

  28. What does Java? Java is an API… Right? So basically it's like C++… It's for programming… But yeah… What program uses Java…?
    The only thing I know that uses this API is Minecraft Java Edition.

  29. Your ESD anecdotes miss that the damage that can e done is not always obvious -ESD causes pitting and blowouts that you cannot see – – in effect a narrowing of the path due to potholes – it could reveal itself under load or thermal stresses as "sometimes it hangs" or gets flaky. I have seen this a lot in 30 years as an EE working with CMOS based embedded prototypes that get handled by lay people. Have also seen the "whats that" finger point or poke by neophite or layperson (or boss) where arc jumps from finger to circuit to break item then or later in the field failing. YMMV.

  30. Computer magicians are a thing: it’s usually called coders ! Who needs to google errors if they know it because they made the error code?

  31. Installation disk/disc are useless? You like way too many other keep on ignoring those individuals that do not have an internet connection on a regular basis. You also tend to not read the instructions because you want to appear to know it all, however, it is interesting to note that it usually states in the instructions to go to the manufacturers website first if possible. But then again it is not a myth that most people do not read instructions of any kind including computer users of all skill sets. Interesting to note that when all of these people have an issue, the first thing that most do – call the manufacturer instead of looking at those instructions which will (in a good number of cases) probably have a solution to the problem.
    Reading the instructions is always a good idea for novice and expert alike.

  32. ThioJOe, I would like to know which is the best Modem-Router to connect to a home made antenna for over the air WIFI? thank you for the the videos are all very informative.

  33. Hi ThioJoe. 1 question. How can I use an old satellite dish to hoock it with my TV, androind box and not pay cable. Please advise.

    Thank you

  34. I agree about the static wrist band and haven't had a problem over the years but would point out that as transistors get smaller they require less power to flip and/or fry….hence the tiny static charges in the past may become a problem going forward.

  35. I have broken one thumb drive when not ejecting it.

    It was probably my antivirus program who was accessing the drive as I pulled it out.

    It's probably rare but it can happen.

  36. Ok, PC disks. I just built a new pc and installed windows 10. I needed a driver (windows one didn't work with my MB) to get the wifi and ethernet to work. Glad I had the disk, outdated or not. I did have to borrow a disk drive to run it though. lol.

    On wrist bands, I'd disagre whole heartedly. 5 years in aeorspace avionics repair. 3 more at Motorola. ESD can do all kinds of things, not just an instant fry. I'd bet a good number of "DOA" components are because they fried them taking them out of the package. When you install a $50k gold plated chip onto a $300k circuit board, you use full EDS precautions. ESD is almost everywhere. Pulling tape off of a Scotch tape roll can generate 7,000 volts. Didn't you say in another video you had streaking in a game that turned out to be bad memory? Installed it without a band, didn't you.

  37. yes, but you forgot to mention that memory are used by manufacturers for there own information benefits. Also you are wrong about viruses, I have more outdated systems that any computer museums and I do not use anti-virus, they are original injected by researchers and av sellers. I found you help in general but also you are just following the wrong side of the naïve nerd population that are becoming little robots at the mercy of exploiters.

  38. Oh yeah brother I'm brother keep up the great work don't worry I'm actually thinking of something great for you and it's to attach your YouTube channel to my website so it's being created now and if then if that's at all the possibility I would appreciate a shout out all right bro God bless you God bless what you doing man I really love it

  39. I like most your point about computer wizards not knowing everything (in fact, almost nothing :D).
    And some peoples think that because we are good at computers, we sure are good at devices with OS we never seen, or never worked with. I do seen and work with Android, but my use is very basic, almost like old phone. Idk why peoples think I can fix their issue with running porn ads on their notifications. Well, in fact I maybe can if I search long enough, but that is far from knowing, and most often than not, wouldn't do such effort for peoples that I hardly know.

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