🗡️SPAMMING HIS SAMURAI TO GET A COMEBACK!! | Yanbing Cao Build | Ranked Gameplay | New Hero

Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel~ 🙂 Cao Yanbing is really fun to use! but kinda complicated if you just started few tips to note is to maintain your range, as a mage you still die really easily And you don’t want to be using your spells only when you get to near the enemies well if you get caught thats another matter, basically use whichever mode that executes your spell at the safest position and the fastest cast possible Also note to teleport with your golem it might take some time, so practice the timings to perfect teleportation Remember if you teleport well it might save you, but if you fail it its a 100% death So for my recommendation i started with a king’s crown to build high damage and hp at a cheap cost Biggest rule for 1st item crown is to get the crown before anything else, prioritize to maximize its effect For team fights i recommend poking from a safe distance, unless you need to save a teammate nearby You also have 2 stuns so practice them well one after another to execute the longest possible stuns And that includes judging your teammate’s stun duration as well, e.g grom ulti you don’t wanna stun immediately You wanna wait near the end of his ulti before casting your stun, which gives more time for attacking Finally, take your time to practice and enjoy playing the yanbing 🙂 It takes some time so be patient! Iv been doing videos for a long time now, what format of video do you like most? Is it full gameplay with intro, full gameplay with intro & music or just the gameplay alone? Share your comments and thoughts below so i know how you feel 🙂 We’re almost at 20k subs now and… I wanna go up a level to create quality content for my dear fans, also expect something at 20k!=) Giveaway + XXXX Reveal, which makes you more excited comment below now! Thanks for spending your precious time on my channel and have an amazing week ahead! love yall 🙂

Danny Hutson

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