💻 3 Xfinity WiFi Tricks (Dr. NOOB’s Lab)

💻 3 Xfinity WiFi Tricks (Dr. NOOB’s Lab)

hello again and welcome to Dr. Noob’s laboratory today we’re gonna go over three Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot’ tricks
please note that all three of these tricks require no cracking no hacking
and if you’re a Xfinity subscriber like myself it’s perfectly acceptable so
trick number one is if you find yourself getting close to your one terabyte limit
for the month which I mean I honestly haven’t done that in many many months
the last time it happened to me was I had a hard drive died on me and I had to
redownload all my Steam games it was well over a terabytes so one thing I
found interesting based on a lot of forums and information that I read if you
actually connect to the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot
that’s broadcasting from your Xfinity modem and you’re just using that
connection and that’s your primary Wi-Fi that does not count towards your monthly
data usage so if you’re in a pinch and you need a little more than a terabyte
for that month you can get connected to it and just continue downloading as
needed now Comcast Xfinity can correct this
very easily by simply checking when you’re using the data so when you first
connect to the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot you do have to log in with your Xfinity
account so trick number one if you’re near your terabyte limit get connected
to the Xfinity Wi-Fi broadcast hotspot and continue downloading on to trick
number two I pay about a hundred bucks a month for my xfinity comcast internet and I only get an upload 5 mbps So when I’m in a pinch & I really need to upload a large file I bond my primary connection with my xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot that’s broadcasting off my equipment to illustrate this I’m going to connect to
the Xfinity Wi-Fi and then I am going to use a program
called speedify that can actually bond the two connections together now I will
leave a link in the description below it is free for up to five gigs however if
you want to go above that it is a monthly subscription I was lucky enough
to get a Black Friday sale so it was pretty cheap but if you’re just using it
to upload large videos to YouTube or to somewhere else and you want to utilize
that extra speed you can do so with the five gig free version so I’m gonna go
ahead and load that up just to show you what it’s like it has detected my
Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot and it is also detected my Ethernet cable because I
only have one Wi-Fi card on this laptop so let’s go ahead and test it now how
this works is the software connects to a speedify server for both connections and
then it can bond it and send it back so right now as you can see the Xfinity
Wi-Fi is capped so it is a little slow but I’m not really interested in the
extra download speed I’m more interested in the extra upload speed when it’s
bonded together it’s gonna be interesting if I actually
get above five on my Ethernet but during peak hours I generally do not. Around
five sweet that’s about what I normally get now it’s not gonna give me ten but it will give it a little bit extra connection speed okay it increased
it quite a bit so see that’s what I’m interested in for me to get ten upload I
have to pay more money I have to get a lot I have to go up like three services
because whenever you’re buying your services through Xfinity or Comcast they
always tell you about the download speeds they never tell you about the
upload speeds you literally have to ask what is the upload speed for this
connection what am i guaranteed what do I normally get etc so by bonding the two
connections that’s that are now keep in mind the Xfinity Wi-Fi it’s already
being broadcasted it’s put aside for people to use and since I’m a subscriber
I am allowed to use it and as I said I’ll leave a link in the description
below so you can try this out for yourself it it’s got the five gig free
version so you could do your own testing with this on the trick number three
Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots actually can be used by normal everyday people however
when you connect to them it asks for a sign up plan you can get a month I’ll
actually sign in and show the plans but it also has a complimentary 30 minutes a
month for one user however they really don’t check it all that much – and I’ll
get into how they could rectify their own problem but let’s go ahead and get
connected and I can show you what I mean here okay so I have told my system to login
as if it is a new user and not associated with my xfinity comcast login so if you don’t have Comcast and you connect to a Xfinity hotspot this is
what you should see, not an Xfinity customer no problem so let’s go ahead
and hit get started okay so it gives you all these different
plans and everything if you want to try it for an hour it’s three bucks yada
yada so they have a complimentary hour pass but sometimes it says half an hour
depending on your location enjoy an hour so let’s go ahead and click on that and hit continue
no thank you now this is where it’s the whole I don’t
think it really checks it before you do it so we’re just gonna go John Doe it’s
a just first name so doe email and I’m just putting in any old email
you can make it up doesn’t matter that might exist I have no idea and I’ll just
put any old zip code so hit continue was your favorite movie doesn’t matter
first thing I thought of continue activate pass your pass is activated ok
so right now you are on Xfinity Wi-Fi I just made a random account and in 72
hours that account will die so let’s try some stuff awesome so that’s a free hour every
month now if you’re in a pinch like you’re unemployed or you just moved and
they haven’t moved things over or you’re going from CenturyLink
to Comcast or whatever the connection may be let’s say you use it for an hour
and you’re done you now no longer have internet access what you can do is use
something called a mac changer what you can do is you can change your MAC
address that is literally the only thing they are using to check this when in all
reality all they have to do is do an actual email authentication if they if
they get a bounce-back from a fake email they shouldn’t let you on so that that I
kind of that’s kind of their fault for not checking it and keep in mind this is
tape this is not utilizing any cracking or any hacking whatsoever so to simulate
that I’m gonna disconnect I’m gonna forget this I’m gonna close the browser
I’m gonna load up my Mac changer and I’ll leave a link to the description
below for this so it’s it’s free what it does is it the free version just changes
a couple of numbers on it it doesn’t change the full you can’t put in your
own but that’s enough to fake out the Xfinity Wi-Fi and allow you back on so
I’ve gone ahead and changed it and right now even though I’ve already been on a
certificate it should ask me for a new one and there you go we’re right back in complementary our pass I can literally
just keep doing this and doing this and doing this over and over and over again
now the downside to this is every hour you have to put in a different email
make an account and get back on but in a pinch if you absolutely have to get on
the internet and this is your only option I don’t see an issue with it they
may it’s it’s a pretty nifty little trick to continue using the internet so
that is three separate tricks you can use on the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot
that’s broadcasting from your home or in your area like I said before there are
many ways that Comcast can fix this it may change in the future
for instance they can start counting data on your Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot when
you’re logged in under your accounts they can use some type of detection for
bonding which honestly I don’t think is a problem you are us you are a paid
subscriber you should be able to use both connections to boost your speed
especially if it’s in your home and last but not least for the free complimentary
hour all they have to do is validate that it is a valid email if they get a
bounce-back that it’s an invalid email don’t let the person on so Xfinity and
Comcast this should be able to fix these problems or or flukes glitches hiccups
whatever you want to call them but for the time being you can use them to your
advantage and the software is free and there’s no hacking cracking programming
or anything involved or advanced networking and I hope you guys found
this informative and try it out yourself let me know how it goes
and as always I have a great one

Danny Hutson

30 thoughts on “💻 3 Xfinity WiFi Tricks (Dr. NOOB’s Lab)

  1. Hey man, I have a question. My girlfriend has been using her sisters xfinity sign in for years on a hot spot. A few days ago the whole thing shut down and all of a sudden her phone stopped connecting, and when she pushes to connect it says “unable to connect”. There are 4 total devices that connect no problem but her phone doesn’t… why? What can I do to fix it? We’ve tried every reset and don’t know what else to do. I watched your video and it seems like you know what you’re doing with this stuff. ThanX

  2. So if I wanna connect to Xfinitywifi the one that follows you everywhere all I have to do is log in with my account? If so then Imma try to find my account and Yes I have Xfinity wifi

  3. I need help man. About last Thursday the xfinitywifi hotspot by my house started to get slow. Then go in and out. Then last Sunday it completely went out and says "no internet connection" but you know how when you have the hotspot you also have the "XFINITY" and the "cablewifi" well the cablewifi started working Monday. I'm using it right now but it keeps going in and out every 15mins or so. But xfinitywifi is still out. And it turns out it's just in my house?? When I walk about 15ft or 20ft away from my house or go anywhere else the xfinitywifi hotspots are it connects and completely works. Like it just doesn't work in my house.

    I've had the same problem years ago and it eventually fixed itself after a few days and I'm hoping that happens again.

    But there's a pole outside my house where I think the hotstop is (I say this because I remember about a year or so ago xfinity came by in their van and worked on that same pole) anyways I checked it out and it seems there's a panel fully open with a branch by it. And I think that's the problem??

    I don't really know. If you know anything about what I'm talking about it would be great to get a response.

  4. I have Xfinity Pre-Paid. The Modem has built in wifi. The same modem that contract customers use.The wifi signal in this Modem is crap! The wifi signal only reaches 30 ft if your lucky. How can I boost the wifi signal to reach other rooms of the house?

  5. My Xbox is next to my router I have a Ethernet cord in and it’s still disconnecting me from the game im playing worse router in history

  6. I know everyone complains about Xfinity but I honestly don't ever have issues with them. Before I moved to my new place, I had CenturyLink and I had the highest speed plan and was getting like 5mbp download speeds and constantly getting disconnected… I had CenturyLink for TWO YEARS and it was pure hell. It took 27 hours to download Witcher 3 … Now my steam games download in like 3 mins

  7. I hope this works! Finger crossed!!! I have exceeded my data cap every month since cutting the cord. Struggling!!

  8. for number 3 i just have a script i made to change the mac address when it expires and also can't you just find a way to delete the QoS to make your xfinity faster?

  9. im about to get rid of xfinity tv and justkeep internet for streaming our tv stuff we want,,, is there a limit to streaming? like the terabyte thing u were talkin about? like if i get the 25-60mbps internet package, is that however much i want to stream in the month or is there a limit? thanks in advance

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