푸켓 야시장에서 딸에게 곱등이 먹이려다 저주에 걸렸습니다!!

푸켓 야시장에서 딸에게 곱등이 먹이려다 저주에 걸렸습니다!!

I am Lahee’s Dad ~ I’m feeling friendly today
I’ll do the narration comfortably In fact, in my country Korea
If you upload Thailand video ~ You become a little bit bastard
Because of the situation around the world~ I’m very hesitant ~to upload
any videos at this moment Now in Thailand
Because of the
(New Corona 19=Covid 19)
Situation is quite serious too.. But what the hell???
I have no choice but upload my videos~ I spent most of my money on this trip
To make my Youtube Clips~ I put all my life on YouTube
(All in) In the last two months
In Malaysia and Thailand .. I took a video like crazy However, if upload any traveling video
In Korea now…. I don’t think I’ll get more views.
(The truth is my views been low all these time) So I made my decisions
I will upload my funniest moments… First edit and put it up there… Do I talk too much?? “So
What am I going to show you today ???” I’m going to feed the fried insects ~
To my daughter Cicada, Cricket,
Grasshoppers, cockroaches. etc We came to Thailand
Shouldn’t you experience this? If you like this content
Give me feedback in the comments ~ Maybe if I look it up ~ Several episodes
Could come out more~ Too many words ??
Then let’s watch the video together ~ Oh, “like” button there??
Press it when it’s really good But, Press the subscribe
button though~ Roughly I recored about
A year worth clips~ Hello ~
I’m Lahee Dad I’m a travel youtuber ~ I am now
Located in Phuket I’m going to the night market today
(I visited in advance yesterday) However
I have today’s mission Yesterday we had a night market
I looked around once I found something
Very interesting They sold all kinds of bugs for snacks.
(Fried insects) Because it’s deep fried bugs..
(I had a good idea !!) Me and my daughter !!! Can do
“Rock Paper Scissors” Loser
Can eat the fried bugs how is it???
What do you think? When do we come back here??
And would eat fried insects??
(This is the chance) Anyway
I was curious ~ I used to be in Khaosan Long time ago~
I’ve eaten scorpions so
I don’t eat scorpions today Dad: Grasshopper, Cicada today
-Lahee: Have you ever eaten a scorpion? Yes, I have eaten ~ -Lahee: Did you shoot?
Dad: Yeah I’ll be in somewhere ~ Cricket, cockroach
There are things like this Dad: Among them
-Lahee: Why are there cockroaches? Dad: Pick one of the most hateful
-Lahee: It’s a dirty bug ~ By rock-paper-scissors
I’ll try
(Let’s go ~) Lahee: Dad eat grasshopper … Grasshopper??
Let’s see
(You will eat ~) Frog hind legs
One grasshopper ~
(Exciting Lahee) Mom: The frog’s hind legs are delicious ~
Dad: Chicken flavor ~ Delicious Mom: Have you eaten the frog’s hind legs? Dad: I tried a frog meat~
(In Canada) Peaceful place today !!!!
(Patong Street) “Patong Street Phuket” (At this time Lahee cast me a curse) (What are you saying???) “Soon your
Peace will be over ~ ” (Lahee’s curse ..) “A word to Lahee
Like I’m cursed ~ ”
(I don’t feel good) “Wrapped in anxiety” Today~
I Walked about 8km 10km ~ 14km per day
Walking is the basic thing that I do~ To night market entrance
Enter I’m hungry today
I’m in a state~~
(Note the pink pants woman) What to eat ??
(She found something !!) Right then !!!!!! My sinfulness
Was noticed my my instinct Something in the sky
Started to fall What to eat ~
I’ll see what???
What is the water ??? “Oh ~Shit~ What the~~~
What is it? What???
Where did the water come from?
(Hey !!!! Watch out !!!!) WHAT THE!!!! ~ FUC
(What really cames) Oh ~
“I almost got killed by it!!!!” ~ KKK ~ (Shocked in terror) It’s amazing ~
Mom: What’s that? (Lahee’s curse ???) Phuket is so dangerous !!
(If you do it wrong, you die) You have to be careful (This guy become a zombie at the moment) (Originally he is a good person) Laheee Daddy (Ominous situation) (At the same time, tout and tout~)
(Really bad) Phuket night market is characterized
as the worst tout place..just let you know
(Night market master) Passing by
They keep talking ..
(Check out Phuket’s 4 disadvantages video) It’s a moment of tension alone Slowly aim to the target…
Getting closer A little while
Someone will eat bugs. Thai: Mom Mom ~
(Korean appearance) In a long while
I heard in Korean
(Everytime they say in Japanese, Chinese) What? There’s no bug yet.
Mom: It’s over there ~ Inside
I’ll enter again Yesterday
I went in There are bugs
Seems to be Arrived ~
This is it ~ (Spooky Bugs in Front of Your Eyes) (Dad is not confident) (Lahee said she will pick the bugs) Let’s go to grasshoppers, crickets, and larvae ~
(Cicadas and cockroaches can hardly be picked) (Lahee wants a powerful one) (Shock and awe!!!!)
(Must win) (Actually more ugly)
(Thai never eat worms)
“Just Tourism” “Come out !!, mom’s English ~
one, one, one !! ” I really hate it … But somebody
Has to eat ~
(It’s not just me ~) I.m good at rock scissors paper..
I’m confident to win … I’m sorry Lahee.
(It’s your day of eating This is awesome
(Putting magic powder and turning) (I found a white uncle who was interested in fried insects !!) (Let’s anticipate his performance) (Cicadas ????) “PASS !!!” (Found another one here !!) cockroach!! “impossible” It’s a cricket … My first victim, uncle ~ To the uncle “Camel Criket” is coming~ No, he tried cricket. How’s the taste? Pupil earthquake !!! Not bad ~
(I can’t die alone) I should never eat
(He is lying) (A pretense laughter) Let’s take it ~
Victim: Thank you ~ For the first time
I tried it as an experiment to give my victim Criket… He looked ok.. You are Watching
“LaheeDaddy/LaheeStory” “I’ll see you after the Ads” finally
I bought fried worms Once I can die from eating a worm I bought “Chang Beer”
as my first aid “Today’s rules of play” Here are three bugs …
You will need rock paper scissors. One is the “pupae”
One is cricket
One is the “Grasshopper” 3 games
Must eat it unconditionally Are you ready? “Round One ~”
FIGHT !! The first round
It’s a grasshopper ~ Take a look at your visuals Look at the eyes
Staring at me .. To see the exact progress
My wife will take a video.. Then immediately
let’s begin Wait a minute …
(I’m already nervous) (Time of destiny) (OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (100% real situation)
“shaking..” (I want to cut my hands …) (Lahee’s Curse) (If you can not avoid it, you might as well try and enjoy it) (Frying bugs was a bad idea) (Really indescribable ….) (I feel that way …) (scary) (Lahee is holding my chin
So I can’t spit it out) (It’s powerful because it looks like a dad) Mom: What Is it taste like??? (Daddy can’t talk easily) (first aid…) Mom: What is it? It doesn’t taste anything
(You tried it ~) (Why are there tears …) Rotten plastic taste! Really??
Where did we eat this? do not know
(I thought I had it in China) (Convulsions occur) It really tastes like …”Shit” Lahee: You’ll have a beer one shot ?? Do it again ~
This time pupa !!!
(You are dead ~) “Round Two”
FIGHT !! second is
Looks like a pupa ~ Caterpillar
(Characteristic fuzz) This is still
Because I know how to eat pupa I think it’ll be fine But what happened was Korean
Differently It’s a bit gross
Okay let’s start
(I want to feed you) (Time of destiny) (First draw) (Second fate) That awful sound ~
Bug~Bug~ “My baby shot me down ~” (Diet flavor) ……………………… Lahee: This is so funny ~ Dad: Can’t you eat this?
Lahee: No! Let’s eat … “Don’t spit ~ Don’t spit ~” My Head is !!!
(DDING!!) Hold on ~
Mom: Is this delicious? It doesn’t taste good ~
(Yes it’s not good) Korean pupa tastes
(Yes it’s not good) (Mom is curious about bugs) Crispy pupa taste !! (Beer is medicine …) “Final Round”
FIGHT !! The third time this time … It looks really ugly. This guy is the most ugly. It looks like a cockroach. It’s a cricket.
In our country, it’s called multiplication. I’m going to eat the Cricket~
(Curse jam) This product is …
Mom: What’s going on? Dad: Not a cricket kind ??
Mom: What cricket?
(Dumb and Dumber) I don’t know ~ anyway
The product looks like this. This to my daughter
I really want to feed ~ Are you ready ??
Lahee: I’m ready !! (First draw) (Second time too) (Are you the goddess of victory ??) (Lahee’s Curse) (Lahee’s Curse)
Yeah, I lack a lot … For the reason you wanted Cricket~ Smell it ~
(I’m curious) (To get a beer to live) (I really hate it) Eat quickly !!!!!! (With Lahee’s help) …… …………….
…………………… (Why did I say this ????) Mom: Which is the best?
(Mom is still curious) Mom: What’s the best menu ???
(Are you asking me to say that?) (Dad quietly just beer ….)
(You try it) (So ​​he ….) (Just quietly drank beer …) (Last he said …) Beer is the best .. You are with
“LaHeeDaddy/LaheeStory” If you want to communicate directly
With me??? Leave a comment
Thank you We came to the night market
In Phuket today I ate three kinds of worms.. I’m working hard Still Lahee Dad
If you don’t subscribe ~ Is it too much? Lahee: Dad can’t eat bugs ???? Lahee will eat insects ~ Give me a caterpillar ~ Really eat ????
(Slight surprise) If you press
Subscribe button
once Give it to Lahee
She will eat it~ Mom: Lahee maybe you can’t eat so
I’ll give you half.
(Mom’s love) (As it is in the mouth) It’s delicious

Danny Hutson

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