皓镧传 40 | Legend of Hao Lan 40(吴谨言、茅子俊、聂远、宁静等主演)

皓镧传 40 | Legend of Hao Lan 40(吴谨言、茅子俊、聂远、宁静等主演)

Repeat what you said at Huayang Palace. I am going to marry the daughter of Mi clan. Lyu Buwei. You are a royal descendant of Qin. It’s natural for you to have ten or hundred wives. But not right now. At the Changping Battle, countless Zhao people died. The mother and son’s life at Zhao State right now can be easily pictured. Yet you have the sentiment to receive another woman. Don’t you forget if it wasn’t Haolan at that time. You would have already become a dead soul under the sword. You already said I am a royal descendant of Qin, It’s right and proper for me to receive another wife. Do you expect me to sleep alone every night, and keep myself pure for the sake of one woman? Would that not become the biggest joke in the world? You should let Haolan hear what you are saying now. So that she’ll know what kind of man she has chosen! Haolan is my wife. Zheng’er is my son. They are all mine! Who allowed you to speak that way? Who gave you the authority?! All right, I won’t criticize you. You can do whatever you want. Zichu, I don’t care how many wives you receive. I only care about when you will get Haolan and her son to return to Qin. If you feel any guilty, do not forget your promises from early on. Release me. All of you retreat! Yes. As expected, such dainty gracefulness and so lovely to look at. Mother didn’t deceive me. Royal Descendant, what are you saying? Why can’t I understand what you are saying? I said that it’s fortunate to have my mother helping me out on this. So that I may get such a beautiful woman. Royal Descendant. Royal Descendant, what is wrong with you? I had a nightmare. What did you dream of? Nothing, it’s only a dream. A vast expanse of white, nothing else. I will keep you company and hold your hand. Then, you wouldn’t have any more nightmares. I am not a child. Do I need a woman to coax me? Let’s go back to sleep. People would make fun of Handan’s walking steps. But I think that. They weren’t copying Zhao’s walk but actually Zhao’s tiptoe dance. Dance. Why do you stop dancing? It looks like you know where I am from? Base on your appearance and your personality. If I didn’t clean up after you, you would’ve be exposed early on. I only care about whether this marriage alliance will proceed successfully. Presumably you know what to do. You’re neither talking nor dancing on today’s marriage banquet of Zichu with daughter of Mi. Why do I feel you seem more unhappy then I am? If early on you had aligned yourself with Lady Huayang. What Zichu possesses now, you would also have. I will not do that way. Why? I disdain to do so. Huayang controlled Crown Prince for a long time. Many people detest it already. Zichu’s aligning with her may not be a good thing. However, I got the feeling that you seem to hate him more than me. No, I’m very happy today. Especially happy. Happy about what? If someone finds out about Zichu’s wedding. She will surely die from anger. All the back and forth contending, at the end someone else wind up receiving an advantage. Don’t you think that’s worth laughing about? Others? Who? I won’t tell you. Siluo, how is Royal Descendant treating you? What’s wrong? We’ve only been married two months. Elder brother, the Crown Prince has already sent over few beautiful women. Your highness accepted them. Didn’t I also send, either? I wouldn’t dare blame you. It’s fine. You don’t need to be too worried. They are helpers that I send over for you. Help you win over Zichu’s heart. Zichu is Qin State’s heir. He will inherit the throne. Naturally will have numerous beautiful women around him. The most important matter is that you need to get a son. Rather than getting jealous. Yes. You must remember once you have children, you must get him to be the Qin State rightful heir. Then Mi family can be worry free. Yes. You’ve heard all of that? I said so already. within half a year, I can get Zichu be utterly obedient to me. Are you really confident that Zichu is under your control? Why are you always be a wet blanket? Every time I say something, you always say the opposite. All right, we will consider that you won this bet. Let me massage you then. Give you foot bath. Is that good enough? Who would cherish that? Even when the Crown Prince begs me I don’t even let him get close. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My mistake. Over the past seven years, we’ve made so many bets. Every time you lose, rather do hard labor than yielding. Tan Lu, what do you really want? I am only the palace musician. A plaything for people. Madam is high on the top, so you can have anything you want. Why are you so persistent about me? I don’t know. Maybe… I like you. But Madam, do you have a heart? Move! Little Qin Dog is here. Let’s beat him up. Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him to death! Let go! Let go! Let go! He is a Yan State hostage. My mother said they are the same kind of people. Beat! Beat him to death! Quickly run! Hurry. Let’s chase! You bit them so ferociously. I’m telling you that the next time you get into a fight call for me. How did you forget again? They were trying to rob my pigeon. It’s the pigeon I caught for my mother. Forget it, it’s only a pigeon. Tomorrow I will catch one for you. Don’t be sad anymore okay? That boy! Don’t run! Stop right there! My vegetable. Stop right there! Don’t run! Stop! Run quickly. Bad boy! Stop right there! Stop right there! What’s wrong with you? Why did you waste vegetable? Who taught you? What are you doing? Stop! Why are you hitting the kid? Look at it yourself, we worked hard to grow these vegetable. He destroyed them all. Also my gourd seedlings, he stepped on them all. Zheng’er, what is the matter with you? Didn’t I warn you not to run around? Zheng’er. We will compensate back twice what’s worth for the items he destroyed. Don’t scare the kid. This child is too mischievous. If you don’t beat him up, he will turn bad. Thanks for your kind intentions. If he goes there to cause disturbance again, please do not scare him too much. Anything he destroys, just come to me. I will compensate for them. I’ve never seen people teach their kids in such manner. Spare the rod, spoil the child. That’s right, too spoiled. Haolan, when I studied medicine at childhood, I was beaten by my Dad for many times. If you keep teaching him this way, he will become more mischievous. Zheng’er, why did you go into the field? It was fun. You went to the fields because you were curious. I don’t blame you. But the farmers worked hard on their yields. It is not easy. If you ever damage crops and grains. You should come back and let me know. I will compensate people back. Understand me? The vegetable and fruits we eat daily. where do they come from? Next time I will show them to you one by one. No one teaches their kids like the way you do. Were you beaten up by others again? Where are you going now? I will go beat up those bastards. They are so young and don’t learn to be good. I need to teach them a lesson. If you go, that would be seen as old bullying young. Compared with their ganging up one person, what is the difference? Then what do you suggest? Zheng’er, from tomorrow. I will ask General Gongsun to teach you martial arts so that you can protect yourself. How is it? I made wild vegetable pancake and malt sugar. In the future bring some with you. When you see some kids, share with them. You can’t do that! Those kids are bullies, and you’re going to give them things to eat? What do kids know? The adults yelled at us and called us Qin robbers. The kids are only copying them. If you beat them up, that will only intensify the situation. Why not use candy to lure them first, followed by fist to obtain awe. In the future they won’t bully him anymore. That wretched Qin Royal Descendant, he probably forgot you two. If it wasn’t because of him, Zheng’er wouldn’t suffer this at such a young age. In my eyes, he is the bastard! So is that Lyu Buwei! All cold-hearted! I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have randomly said those things. Forget it. I’m going out to sweep. How many times did I tell you not to fight? Royal father, time to take your medicine. Royal father? Crown Prince, take a break, you’ve been keeping watch for three days. Give it to me. Royal father can’t bear to leave me. It’ll be hard on you. It’ll be hard on you. It’ll be hard on you. To follow a woman’s advice, people and country will get destroyed. What is there to be afraid of? It’s only a woman. Just depose her. I… Your majesty. Your majesty. Quick, summon the Doctor! Your majesty, she is gone. Shrew! Your majesty. Your Highness. You have not eaten for the whole day. You should eat a bit. I… am exceedingly worried. I have no appetite for anything at all. What is this? What are you feeding me with? This is barley rice. Barley? My wife, what are you trying to do? In the future, if I’m deposed, this will be the kind of plain food that I will be eating every day. So I might as well start trying to eat them now. This is to prevent hardships in future. Enough, my wife. You should not make a fuss at a time like this. What are you really fussing about? Are you not planning to depose me? Nonsense. Do you know how much I care about you? Why would I depose you? If I depose you, where would I be able to find someone who cares about me so much in the future? But, the old King of Qin State looks like he can’t last much longer anymore. If his last words is deposing me, you can’t disagree with him, right? See, I knew it! Every day, you tell me you favor me and love me. They’re all lies. Don’t cry. My wife, please don’t worry. I will definitely not depose you. If I depose you, what’s the meaning of the throne of king to me? Don’t say that Royal Father leaves any will. Even if the rulers of the six countries come together, and put a sword on my head, I will definitely not agree. I want to grow old together with you. Really? Really. Then, will you back out of your promise to appoint Zichu as an heir? My wife, the investiture of the Crown Prince is such an important matter, how can I go back on my promise? Really! Fine. You said you won’t, so I’ll believe you. Just now, the Front Palace sent someone over for you. You are asked to go over to discuss important matters of the imperial court. Important matters of the imperial court. Important matters of the imperial court! The Front Palace has come to invite me. It must be an important matter if they invite me. Why didn’t you say so earlier? I’ll go and come back. Prince, if you go back on your promise, I will hang myself in Xianyang Palace. Be good. Hush. Behave well. Why do you talk about dying on a bright day like this? It’s unlucky! Don’t worry. I’ll go and come back. Men. Go and invite Zichu here. Yes. The King is gravely ill now. All the countries are being to stir restlessly. We are worried that when King rides the crane to the immortal world, there will be unrest in the country. We earnestly ask Prince to appoint an heir at the earliest possible time. You… What appointment of heir are you talking about? Isn’t there a ready-made heir right now? We ask Prince to change and appoint Royal Descendant Zixi instead. You…what are you talking about? We ask Prince to change and appoint Royal Descendant Zixi instead. But, Zichu is the ready-made heir? Your Highness, Zichu is not the son of Lady Huayang. He has falsely taken the name of first born son. Now, everyone is talking about how the first born son is under the control of Huayang. In the future, he will definitely be used by a woman. Don’t forget. At that time, when the autocracy of the Empress Dowager wXuan, everyone in the world knows Empress Dowager Ranghou. No one knows about the King of Qin State. We are worried that this old disaster will be re-enacted again. The majesty of the imperial family will be gone. For the sake of the words we have spoken today, we are willing to face execution tomorrow. For the future generations of the Great Qin State, we will have no reservations at all. We will have no reservations at all. Your Highness, Zixi has both integrity and talent. You should appoint Royal Descendant Zixi! That’s right. Zixi should be appointed! Zixi should be appointed! Your Highness, this is the wish of the court officials. It is also the hope of all the people in the world! Yes, Your Highness, what is said is correct. Please appoint Zixi. Prince, this was sent just a moment ago by Madam. Go, go, go. Prince, if you go back on your promise, I will hang myself in Xianyang Palace. You stop… Hush. Mother, perhaps the matter is not as serious as you assume. How many years has it been? How much money has Lyu Buwei spent? How much measures has he taken? Yet, all the civil and military ministers still will not relent at all. It is not that they don’t love money. They hate me even more. Do you know why? Because of the boundless favor and love Madam has received. Because of the luxurious houses and beautiful women of Lord Yangquan. Because of the mountains of gold and seas of silver of Marchioness Xuan. It’s good that you know. The power of hate and is much more than money. Even though Prince has not yet relented now, but, in my opinion, he listens to others easily. He will not be able to bear it for more than two days. Fan Ju utilize the infinite hatred the ministers have for you to successfully plot your abdication. But, there is only one king in the entire Qin State. Enough of what you said. He can’t wait to banish me from Qin State. Not to mention to help Zichu. I seek Madam’s permission to allow me to go and offer advice. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Who are you? I, Lyu Buwei, greet Your Majesty. Rise. Prince is unable to come. He is now blocked by Prime Minister and the rest in Qyutai Palace. They are forcing him to change and appoint Zixi as the heir. Abdication? Yes. Abdication. Rascal. Fool. Coward. The foundation of my Great Qin State will be ruined by him sooner or later. Your Majesty ruled for fifty-five years. Hiding your light under a bushel, accumulating knowledge and delivering it slowly. In that time, you banished the four nobilities of Empress Dowager, and gained control of the affairs of the Great Qin State. You promoted Fan Ju single handedly, and put Bai Qi in an important position. Bai Qi was killed by me. Fan Ju, will follow the suit, sooner. Prince is too benevolent. It is truly difficult for him to give orders to Bai Qi and Fan Ju. Prince has planned far ahead for the great undertaking of the Great Qin State. Among the important ministers and brothers, there’s none that can’t be killed. But, Zichu is different from Prince. He was held as a hostage for many years in Zhao State, enduring great humiliation and struggles. Returning to Qin State from Zhao State, he went through an exceedingly difficult journey before arriving here safely. He has a strong and persevering character, braver than other people. Even if it’s luck, you still can’t find another one like him. Besides him, who can succeed the great undertaking of the Great Qin State? Are you not worried that he might become the puppet of Huayang? Does Your Majesty think that Zichu will become one? Summon Zichu. Yes. Wait! Come here. You leave first. I will leave first. Grandfather. Grandfather, do you know what your condition is now? The doctor has instructed that you can’t eat this anymore. Fan Ju. Zixi. Huayang. I will remember what Grandfather has entrusted me to do. Lyu Buwei. What are you doing here? I come to visit Grandfather. I think you did it for your selfish desire, and come here to disturb Grandfather in his convalescence. All of you shut up! Grandfather. Doctor! Quick, summon the doctor! Why are all of you still standing here? Go and get the doctor quickly! Yes. Grandfather. Who’s that? Zixi, what are you trying to do? Someone has trespassed Liuying Palace. Go after him! Yes. You are the one who has trespassed. So what? Zichu. Grandfather! Grandfather! Grandfather! Grandfather! Grandfather! Where did he go? Royal Descendant, that person disappeared after running here. Go, search here. This…is… Xuan… I was wondering who ruins my good thing. So it was you. Madam, why are you here? My sister and I chattered through the night, and I stayed overnight in the Palace. This is a normal occurrence. Why are you making a fuss out of nothing? Who is inside the tent? Soldier, court official, or… Why are you in such a hurry to meet your Uncle? Attendants! Take down this bed. I want to see who is befitting to be the uncle of the Royal Descendant of the Great Qin State! Yes! Let me see who dares to! Attendants! Royal Descendant Zixi is forcing to rape his auntie! This is a monstrous crime. Step aside. I am your elder, and also a widow. If this gets out tonight, never to mention becoming the King of Qin State, I’m afraid your reputation would first stink throughout the six states, and go down in history too. Then I’ll kill you first. and then kill that adulterer inside. Both of you will bear the crime of your filthy actions in the Palace. Royal Descendant, His…Majesty has passed away! Royal Descendant, go quickly. show your filial piety as a grandson. If you are late, you will not get anything. Are you looking for this? Lyu Buwei, I’ve saved your life. Are you not even going to thank me? Thanks very much. Are you going to do it so lightly? Do not make a joke out of an important matter. There are many important matters. Which is real and which is fake? That item is more important than my life. That means your life is in my hands. If you destroyed it, then, all the work we did is in vain. If this is so, Lyu Buwei, then you really must seriously try to win me over. Thank you. His Majesty! His Majesty! His Majesty! His Majesty! His Majesty! His Majesty! Royal Father! What should I do now that you’ve left me all alone? Royal Father. Royal Father. Royal Father. Prince, this is the mourning period. We can only discuss matters related to the funeral. But, the Great Qin State can’t be without a ruler for even one day. Now you are the king of Qin. The appointment of the heir is an important matter. It can’t be delayed. What nonsense are you talking about? Didn’t you said so just now, that we are in the mourning period? Besides funeral matters, we shall not discuss other matters. Even if the matter is as great as Heaven, it can only be discussed after the mourning period for my Royal Father. Royal Father. In those years, when King Wu passed away, the two Princes fought for power and the ministers ruled as their wished. The Great Qin State was in turbulence, and all the people were panicking. It was only when the status of the king was confirmed that the unrest subsided. Now, that former matter is being en-acted again. In order to prevent the country from being thrown into chaos, it is better to appoint the heir as soon as possible. That was because the country did not have a king then, resulting in the struggle for power. Now, Prince has assumed the command of the state affairs, which is perfectly legitimate. Why are all of you still afraid? The ministers are in a hurry to appoint the heir. If this spreads out, the people in the world would laugh at us, the Great Qin, for lacking in understanding of customs and rules with the patriarchal clan governing the order of succession. Lord Lyu, what do you mean? Actually, all of you need not be troubled by the matter of appointing the heir. His Majesty has much earlier written a will, stating that Royal Descendant Zichu should be heir to succeed the undertakings of the Great Qin State. Where did this will come from? Prime Minister, please take a good look. Is this the handwriting of His Majesty on it? Yes. Is there the stamp of the King of Qin State? Yes. Since this is the handwriting of the King of Qin State, and with the stamp of the King, why is Prime Minister suspicious for no reason? Royal Descendant Zichu is the son of Madam Huayang, the legitimate heir. It is within reason for him to succeed as Prince. This will is the evidence. Prince. You stubbornly persists in your own opinions, are you attempting to disobey the edict? Father, although Grandfather left a will to name me heir, many officials have recommended Older Brother and have been criticizing this order. To maintain stability in court, and be united, I dare not accept this order. I beg Father to change the heir to Older Brother instead. Nonsense! You are being muddle-headed! All of you look at this clearly. My Royal Father already had a will written. Whoever dares defy the will of the King of Qin, will be executed for rebellion! Father. Zichu has high morals and has been modest. I dare not defy Grandfather’s will. In the future, the title of Crown Prince is only fit for Zichu. I will put in all my effort to support him, to help Great Qin flourish. Have you heard that? Stop causing trouble! From now on, let us focus on carrying out the funeral. No one is allowed to speak of other matters! We will obey the Crown Prince’s orders. Are you still calling him Crown Prince? We obey Your Majesty’s orders. Royal Father. Royal Father.

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  1. 细节好评啊

  2. 吕不韦挺好的呢,有一种帮着皓镧看好她的老公的感觉。真爱。秦王孙只爱皓镧,不爱这个女的,洞房时感觉一脸嫌弃,洞房能成功?我不告诉你,子溪心想,这女人又欠揍了,拉进去揍一顿先,28:49年纪那么大了,还玩憋气下人哦。吕不韦被吓一跳,真是胆子大,还去试下有没有气37:30她巴不得吕不韦把她咋地了。这王上咋突然咳一下就死了,是不是被零食卡住了

  3. 硬塞来的女人,再美丽,对男人都是可怕的,秦王孙硬生生吞下华阳塞来女人,确实好难看。现在,把整容太过分女演员,都变成恶心角色吧?喜欢华阳夫人和秦太子--荣升秦王了,他们cp太有喜感了。

  4. 我想起来了,这个芈丝萝,就是延禧攻略里面,娴妃的贴身侍女
    为汉服打call !

  5. I have to seriously wonder – in those days, there's nothing for amusement other than to have a bunch of women or your wife twirl around in front of you?! And this is for the upper crust, kings and elites? I can't imagine what the commoners have then – maybe DREAM of a bunch of women twirling around?

  6. 叮——您的好友,秦王嬴政(未养成•幼崽)、燕太子丹(未养成•幼崽),已上线?

  7. 吴谨言三次接受采访都说了皓镧爱的是吕不韦。现在删减太多了,补充因审查被广电删的大结局 https://youtu.be/20IHp6bf0PQ

  8. 當年可愛的小稷兒 竟在這劇成了贏政
    18:39 是巧合嗎? 芈月的小稷兒和晧鑭的老稷兒 哈哈哈哈哈

  9. 看到异人哥哥娶了别人,我这心里怎么跟吃了苍蝇一样~ 请问 这跟我有关系吗??

  10. 不太懂为什么太子挺年轻的可是大家都在关注于他的孩子那个继位 太子应该还可以活很久呀 说的好像要把太子跳过去直接让他的孩子继位 为什么呀?

  11. 这一集看得我心酸,落泪。真为皓镧感到悲哀。虽然知道异人是为了大业,但当我看到他还是要了丝萝的时候,我还是觉得很恶心。

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  15. Has anyone else noticed how much more beautiful Yin is than Hao Lan ? Hao Lan is also a fool. The Qin Royal just wanted her to spite Lyu , who will take his revenge when the time is right. But Hao Lan has no future.

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