皓镧传 31 | Legend of Hao Lan 31(吴谨言、茅子俊、聂远、宁静等主演)

皓镧传 31 | Legend of Hao Lan 31(吴谨言、茅子俊、聂远、宁静等主演)

Treasurer Lyu. Consort Han, are you waiting here specifically for me? There’s a matter that I don’t understand. I would like to consult you. Please ask without any reservation. It’s very risky to scheme against Prince Jiao. Even if you’re successful, the one who would benefit the most would be Prince Yu. Why do you want to take such a huge risk? Exactly why? When I was on the journey as a Zhao Envoy, Prince Jiao tried to have me killed to silence me. As a result, I lost my most beloved haplessly. I hate him so deeply that I can’t wait to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Until death, this hatred will never cease. Treasurer Lyu, I can indeed understand your emotions. But– No one in this world could understand me. No one. Reporting! What’s the situation now? Are the army provisions brought over here yet? Reporting to General. The King of Qin has ordered the full retreat of the entire army. What?! Army to retreat? Now is the time to follow up with an attack and advance toward victory by attacking and destroying Handan, and finally Zhao State! Why withdraw the army? As a low level officer, I don’t know. General Shang, this must be the Crown Prince’s idea. My order is for us to continue to advance and attack. In future, if His Majesty were to ask about it, we’ll just say that we didn’t receive his order as we were a long distance away. Advance and attack immediately? Let me ask you… In that case, where would we get the army provisions from? We will attack Handan along the way, and then use the resources seized through victory! Then there must still be a prosperous state and a strong people. But now, with the ongoing battle at Changping, Zhao State is already in a state of desolation riddled with injuries. Even the people have to go without food and starve. Where are you going to get the supplies to support them? This battle has been waging for a very long time. Looking ahead, Handan is right before our eyes. Our victory is in sight! If we were to retreat the army at this moment, the prior efforts and sacrifices of a huge number of people would all have been in vain! The one who is behind this… What kind of unfathomable ulterior motive is he harboring? Fan Ju… Fan Ju. You are looking at other people with the character of a despicable person. Aren’t you meddling in my great undertaking for the Great Qin?! First, Royal Father has agreed to cede six cities to the Qin State. Next, he also ordered the recruitment of new soldiers throughout the whole nation. And transferred the entire military strength to the cities of Handan, Jinyang, Daijun and so on. The Qin army has already retreated, but he is still overly anxious and trying to put his military defense in order. Mother, do you think Royal Father has been scared out of his wits? You have never been able to understand your Royal Father. You thought he has been like this all along since the beginning. That he is a pleasure seeker and not a go-getter? But since my childhood, all that I have seen is his philandering behavior where he embraces beauties in his arms. I have never seen his other side. All along, you have been saying you have grown up. In my opinion, you are more naive than anyone else. Mother, you should not belittle me. Who knows, perhaps one day, you could see me with new eyes? You… Still have a long way to go! Feeling cold? Are you feeling cold? In that case, I will go and get your cloak. Yiren, about the painting you made yesterday, His Majesty sent someone to take it for his appreciation. Taken it away? Yes. How can you let them take the painting away? What’s in that painting? I have looked at it. It’s just a simple painting. There’s nothing in it. Yiren. What secret is actually contained in the painting? Tell me honestly. Why can’t it be discovered by His Majesty? You, speak up! I have no idea at all. However, that intelligent Consort in the Beneficence Spirit Palace would be able to guess what you have painted. I’m going to ask her. You can’t! Then, you tell me. You… It’s just an ordinary painting. There’s nothing in it. Then, earlier, you said– Yiren, you tricked me! Haolan, don’t be mad– Brother Lu, why are you here? Royal Descendant, I have a matter to discuss with you. Haolan, it’s all my fault. I’m sorry. You haven’t said anything all day. Can you say something, please? You’re really ignoring me? Are you ignoring me from now on? Yiren, what’s wrong? That centipede stung me. Where? Where? It’s…it’s… it’s over there. Are you ok? I…I…I’m okay. It’s…It’s…It’s over there. No, it can’t be. I disinfected the room this morning. How can there still be poisonous insects? What are you doing? Let me down! Let me down! I said I’ll give him three chances. This time I won’t give you back to him. Haolan, would you be my wife? If I’m not your wife, then whose wife am I. Why have you made me sleep on the floor for so long, then? Aren’t you the one who makes your bed every day? Yiren, listen carefully. Since I stayed, I already made up my mind to be your wife. No regrets? No regrets. And it’s too late for you to regret anything anyway. Elder brother, that’s a good hobby. I’ve been accused of harassing our father’s consort and imprisoned here. What other hobbies could I have? How could those tricks tear you down? Father is very suspicious of others. How could he let his son have eyes for his throne and consort? The fact that he didn’t kill me means he was being merciful. Consort Han obviously understands father’s weaknesses. She scored in one shot. So, Elder Brother, what are you going to do? In ancient times, Zhuang Zhou dreamed of a butterfly. He wasn’t sure if the butterfly was in his dream, or if he was in the butterfly’s dream. Since life is but a dream, then I should definitely try to have some great accomplishments. That way I won’t waste my life. I can help you. Try this. Elder Brother, what kind of meat is this? Being imprisoned here everyday, I only have mice to keep me company. What do you think? You can’t even handle this little bit of hardship. Do you still want to accomplish something great? My precious Younger Sister, you need to learn more. And, what’s this? You can leave now. I’ll teach you what to do. Your Majesty, the Yan State has incited the defection of Wuyuan Commander Fu Bao. It is now gathering its military forces in Wuyuan, ready for battle. What’s the strength of the Yan state army? Four hundred thousand soldiers. What is the situation with the formation of the new army? Your Majesty, the main force of our army was depleted in the battle at Changping. The total number of soldiers in the new army is currently only at about one hundred thousand soldiers, and they’re training day and night. Who is willing to be the general? Your Majesty, I’m willing to set out for battle. If you go, who’s going to defend the city of Handan? Don’t you understand that your role as the general of the city of Handan is very important? I forbid it. Your Majesty Who’s willing to be the general?! Your Majesty, I have something truthful that I must say. Most of our healthy male citizens died in the Battle of Changping. We only have widows and children left. It’s not a good idea to continue to fight. If we really have to go to battle with the State of Yan, I’m afraid If we don’t respond and battle on, am I supposed to just watch the Yan people take over the lands of our Zhao state?! We lost at Changping. And the Yan people are taking advantage of us. If I back off now, I’m telling everyone that the State of Zhao has collapsed and they can divide our lands up. At that point, every state will form an army to take over our lands. The State of Zhao will be forced into a dead end. Even the widows and orphans won’t be able to live. If anyone doesn’t want to become food for the rest of the other states, the only way is to fight in a battle. Die in the battle, battle to death! Father, I have something to say. Father. Why are you here? Your Majesty, the Prince threatened us with his life. We dare not hold him back. Elder Brother, our state is in a time of crisis right now. Instead of reflecting on your mistakes, you are causing more stress for Royal Father— Royal Father, I’m willing to lead the army to take back the Wuyuan city. Elder Brother, do you really think we don’t want to fight? But Yan State is bearing down on us menacingly, with a huge army of four hundred thousand. If we hastily go to battle now, we might As the saying goes, there is no disaster greater than when we underestimate our enemy. When we underestimate our enemy, we will lose our treasures. When two opposing armies fight in a battle, the army burning with righteous indignation will surely win. Although our army is newly formed, the grief and indignation will make them superior to the Yan army that came from far away. Since the battle between the Qin army and our army is inevitable, before this great battle occurs, we first sacrifice the people of Yan to the knife. If we are defeated, I am also willing to sacrifice myself in the battlefield, to sacrifice myself for our country. I have misunderstood you. I never imagined that you still have so much courage. Good. Your Majesty, although Prince has lofty aspirations and great ideals, he is far too young. Those one hundred thousand soldiers are also new conscripts. I’m afraid he might not be able to command them. Why don’t we ask General Lian Po to be the deputy general? He is a person of virtue and prestige, firm and steady in his actions. He will surely be able to assist Prince to achieve immediate success. Royal Father, General Lian Po is now undertaking the repairs of the Great Wall, if you take him away … He’s right. You have ambition but you’ve never led an army before. Let’s do this. Let Lian Po train for another half month. When you are familiar with military matters, you can raise funds for the provisions. Yes. I believe in you. Don’t let me down. I swear to serve and die for Royal Father. What a great Prince Jiao. He was clearly detained. How could he have been so well-informed? Yan’s resentment of Zhao has existed for a long time. At the war in Changping, Yan has been watching us with eyes of a tiger. They will move their army sooner or later. I’m not shocked that Prince Jiao seized this opportunity. Why do you still let him lead the army? Aren’t you simply gifting him with the military power? Treasurer Lyu, you should also know that it wasn’t easy for us to bring down Prince Jiao. I thought he wouldn’t be able to turn around again but he has now taken advantage of the situation. Didn’t our hard work go down the drain? Prince Jiao wants the military power. It will depend on whether Lian Po agrees or not. Lian Po led the army for many years and has extremely high prestige. In addition to the war at Changping, he’s full of anger. Would he pay attention to Prince Jiao? I fear that when Prince Jiao arrives at the military camp, at the most, he would just be for show. That’s right. Why didn’t I think of this? The battle field is dynamic. If he wants to come back alive, it won’t be that easy. Right? Why is Uncle so depressed? Prince, why are you here? Is there any urgent matter? If I were to say… That I would like to seek your help to seize the throne of Zhao state? Prince, how dare you talk about rebellion openly! Aren’t you afraid that I will report you to His Majesty and have you… Beheaded? Beheaded? Beheaded? Uncle, why don’t you go out and listen to the miserable wailings?! Along the way as I rode on horseback to come here, I passed through the streets, and wherever I went, there were grey-haired women crying and calling out the names of their sons. There were also wives who just lost their husbands and cried silently. There were children who didn’t know what was going on kept on crying. It was snowy white everywhere in the city of Handan. There were heartbreaks everywhere. But, Royal Father is unaware of it all. He’s still hugging that woman and reveling in wine and music. As usual, there are singing and dancing in the palace daily. General Gao, will you just watch this and stand by?! What do you want to do? And what can I possibly do? Let me tell you. I’m going to trespass into the Royal Palace and force him to abdicate. Prince, do you think with your ambition, you can really resort to any means? What if I say, my ambition is to rebuild the elite corps in Zhao state, and repay the blood debts for the brothers who died in Changping? And regain the glory of the cavalry of Zhao state? But not drinking here every day and tormenting yourself? Don’t say anymore! General Gao, everyone says that I seek power and am inhumane. That’s right. I have never denied that I’m ambitious but as a prince, who doesn’t want to be the king? Who doesn’t want power? My Royal Father used his power to send 450,000 soldiers to death, and buried half of Zhao state. Starting from today, don’t even talk about resisting Qin state, even the safeguarding of the state has turned into disappointment. Hence, I want to take over his power just like how my Grandfather obtained Zhao state from his deceased father. This is the only way to boost morale and rebuild Zhao state. But now, I need your help. As for me, I will help you too. What can you help me with? From what I know, Old General Lian’s biggest dream is to fight with General Bai Qi. He wants to leave a good reputation in history and let the world see, between General Bai Qi’s spear and General Lian Po’s shield, who’s better than the other. Even Lian Po is like this, not to mention you. If you help me, the opportunity for the final battle will be given to you. What do you think? Fine. I agree. Prince, take care. I’m taking my leave. Father, what is Prince Jiao here for? He’s here to tempt me to rebel. You must not agree with him. Look. This pair of hands are full of calluses from holding the sword. Now, they are only left with pale carrion. Father, I know that you have aspiration you couldn’t reach out to, but who is Prince Jiao? He’s a rebel. How could you be so enthusiastic and trust someone so ambitious like him? But do you know, Zhao state is already at the juncture of life and death? The people are lamenting daily. Teenagers above 12 years old so even went to the battle field. They can’t even hold their weapons! Those young and delicate hands are stained with fresh bloods but their ruler is busy with his favored woman and amusing himself with song and dance. His only concern is not losing his throne and power. He didn’t even think about their life and death! Father, you can’t just rebel because of this. You are too clueless. I won’t let you commit this mistake. Shut up! Father, you taught me that as a man, it’s his duty to protect the country and engrave the word “loyalty” into my flesh and blood. But now, have you forgotten about this? I’m protecting the people, not Zhao Dan. I’m loyal to the country, not the ruler. Kneel down. I told you to kneel down! Let me tell you, I have already decided. No one is allowed to ruin it. Even if he’s my son. Swear to me that, regarding this matter, you will not leak it out. Father… Swear on it! I swear, what Father said today, I will never tell anyone about it. Otherwise, thousands of arrows will penetrate me and not let me die of a natural death. Rise. Remember what you said today. Leave now. Cold? Add more fire. You have been closely together for two months. She just left a while ago and you miss her again? I have been guarding this Royal Place every day and looking at how affectionate you both are. I’m the lonely and pitiful one. You are doing well. Why are you sighing? I’m happy but you are envious. I could only sigh to console you. Royal Descendant, you are at fault. Are you deliberately making me angry? Enough, don’t be angry. Haolan went to get some new medicines for me. he will be back soon. I will wait outside for her. What’s the matter? Royal Descendant of Qin, Princess is asking to see you. Tell Haolan that I will be back. Let’s go. The medicine is ready. Remember that it’s twice a day. Brew it on time. But what’s wrong with Royal Descendant of Qin’s knee? I heard from General Gongsun that every time when Zhao and Qin states talk about war, the king of Zhao would invent methods to vent his anger at him. At that time, he was just a 13 year old kid. There was once, during a heavy snow, he was hung up overnight but he has never spoken to me about these. If I didn’t see him massaging his leg during a chilly night, I wouldn’t have known about it. Royal Descendant of Qin is very tough. No one can stop him. Haolan, you really can’t forget Lyu Buwei? I have always been worried whether you married the Royal Descendant of Qin just out of spite to him. Xiaochun. Royal Descendant of Qin is my husband. Are you feeling unwell? Haolan, could it be that you… Don’t let anyone know. Why? Royal Descendant of Qin should be the first one to know. Isn’t that so? Haolan, we are good friends but I just realized now, I don’t understand you at all. You are stronger than me. No matter who you marry, you will always be happy. Isn’t that so? Princess, you instructed me to come here. What is it? It has been a long time and I didn’t dare to see you. Are you still angry with me? I don’t know what’s wrong with me at that moment and wanted you dead. Thinking about it now, I’m full of regrets. I have never blamed you. Really? Yes. You said that you have never blamed me. Is it because I’m an irrelevant person? Everything that I did, you didn’t keep it in your heart. Since this is the case, I won’t care about how you feel then. Princess, what are you doing? You want to kill me? No, I’m protecting you. I personally made this for six months. It wore out my hands till there are scars. It hurt till I couldn’t sleep at all. Take a look. My hands were originally softer than clouds. They are full of calluses now. Do you like it? What do you think? If someone loves me that much, I will be extremely happy. Of course, you like it. Who told you that this is love? When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother would always listen to politics. She was compassionate with the people and governed with principles. Hence, everyone praised her. But do you know how my grandfather died? How did he die? At that time, my Grandfather favored Concubine Liu and wanted to abolish the Empress. But once the Empress is abolished, the post of the Crown Prince couldn’t be protected. Grandmother waited till he was seriously ill and sent a bowl of soup. But in less than one hour, Grandfather passed away. Grandmother killed Grandfather, because she didn’t want a coup d’état. Father acted tragically. But from then on, Father has never spoken a single word to Grandmother again. Yiren, I have a secret which I have never told anyone. If I tell you, don’t ever tell anyone else. What secret? When I was young, I loved to play hide-and-seek. That was once, I hid under the bed of Grandmother. I found an earthen jar under her bed. It was this big. Guess what was in there? What was it? At that crucial moment, I couldn’t open it. Grandmother came back but I knew when my Grandfather was buried, his head was missing. Yiren, don’t be afraid. I won’t kill you. I merely want to tell you, there are many ways to love. Possession and plunder are just one of those methods. I merely want to live truly for myself. Enough, just stay in there. I will get someone to deliver some books and a zither here. Just play the zither and read some books and this matter will end. Princess Ya, release me! Princess Ya! Royal Descendant, don’t worry. As long as you don’t act rashly, the princess won’t kill Li Haolan. Are you just going to let me sit here empty handed? Bring the zither here. Yes. Madame Royal Descendant. General Gongsun. About this… What’s this zither tune that’s playing…? It seems to be coming from the North. Magnificent Jade Palace? It’s that tune. Which tune? That year when Nie Zheng assassinated the puppet of Han, Nie Zheng made painstaking efforts for ten years before he succeeded in the assassination. The later generation composed this tune. When I was detained at the prison, he played this tune for me. He used it to warn me that I was in danger. This is the second time I’m hearing this tune. You don’t have to think further. I’m going to the Magnificent Jade Palace to check. We’ll know then. Wait here. General Gongsun. General Gongsun! Stop playing! Wasn’t it your Mistress who wanted me to pass time at leisure? The more I listen to this tune, the more frustrated I am. Royal Descendant, change to another piece. Forget it then. After all, I’m not in the mood anymore. What are you doing? Who are you trying to scare? You are all dismissed! Are you all waiting to be slayed? Is that it?! One at a time? Are there any unusual activities with Prince Jiao? He leaves the palace daily to visit the group of ministers to discuss the war against the Yan state. General Lian Po’s army has also completed its training. The army will be able to set off in three days’ time. There shouldn’t be any problems. I hope so. Prince, His Majesty ordered you to go to the Red Sun Palace immediately. Royal Father is summoning me to the Red Sun Palace at this time? Could it be the Yan state has made a move? I’m going to take a look. Wait. What’s wrong? Prince, don’t you feel that it’s too peaceful tonight? Peaceful? It’s now between 9 pm – 11 pm. Yet I haven’t heard any sound of the gongs from the night watchers. Speak. Who sent you here? Quick… Brother Lyu, there’s an ambush. Prince, it seems Prince Jiao will not be heading to the front line. He’s forcing entry into the palace. Where did he get such a huge army of rebels from? Gao Meng only has twenty thousand Handan soldiers. Although Gao Haoyang is responsible for making the rounds within the palace, the four palace gates are individually guarded. How could they be so bold? Gather the army force and break through the palace gate. At the same time, to seize the transfer of throne imperial edict. He will then become the legitimate Crown Prince. They tried to trick you into going to the Red Sun Palace where they would kill you. I’m afraid that by then, you would have become the armed rebel. As for Gao Meng, he would become the hero for leading the imperial army to rescue His Majesty. Brother Lyu, Brother Lyu. What should I do now? Do you have any trusted aides at any of the four gates? Prince, at this moment, are you still hiding it from me? The guards at the White Tiger Gate are my close friends who would live and die for me. But, we are heavily surrounded now. How could I escape?

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  1. 异人追皓镧 全程靠装弱 哎 看到后面发觉上当了 异人明明是披着羊皮的的腹黑狼。。。。

  2. 这个公子姣也太莫名其妙了吧?这时候竟然还小心翼翼收着皓镧的玉坠,精神分裂啊。

  3. 抛开历史,光说电视剧,我也觉得吕不韦应该和好蓝分开,因为好蓝对感情太固执,又不听话,感情用事,凡事还想自作主张,别说吕不韦不和她商量,她有事也没和吕不韦商量啊。这种女人迟早要出事,就算在一起后面也要分开,两人性格都太要强,没有一方示弱根本不行,而异人就不那么强势,算是性格互补。

  4. This princess is becoming more crazy by the minute. So spoiled and out of touch with humain reality, without true compassion and totally feel untitled without limits. Now she even explained her family history. My word! She really choose to be evil and has no morals. Already on the downward spiral to total consumed madness, while her father is frolicking his life away with nonsense in the wartime.

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