✓ How to Share WiFi Connected Phone’s Internet to other Android Phone #WiFi #Tricks

hello friends, welcome to my channel local guy. friends,you all know how to share mobile data
using mobile hotspot. so others can connect to your hotspot and
start using the shared mobile data. but how to share wifi connected phone’s wifi
to others. suppose you are connected to home wifi network
and friend asking you to give him your home wifi password.so here instead of giving him
a wifi password what you have to do is create a second wifi network on your phone and share
home wifi with friend using this newly created wifi network’s password.so here you dont have
to provide him your home’s wifi password. i will show you how to do this trick. friends before starting the video subscribe
to my channel and press the bell icon. here i have two phones. phone 1 is connected to my home wifi and i
will use it as a wifi repeater and phone 2 as a client to connect to wifi repeater. to use phone as a wifi repeater
we have to install netshare app from playstore. so lets install the app on both phones. after downloading the app i am disconnecting
my second phone from my home wifi network. so i ensure you that second phone is not connected
to any wifi network. now open NetShare app on phone 1 and tap on
start wifi network. you can see that new wifi network with ssid
and password is created. now phone 1 will act as a wifi repeater. now head on to second phone and follow this
steps dont open the netshare app on second phone
yet. step 1
connect to newly created wifi network with password. after connected to repeater phone’s wifi network
still we are not able to access the internet. step 2
open the netshare app on the second phone. a message asking permission for vpn connection
request will be displayed.click ok. now phone 2 is connected to repeater phone’s
wifi network on phone 1 under list of connected device
you can see the connected phones mac id and ip address. and now you can browse the internet.so lets
check the internet connection is working or not,and
yes it is working. friends you can also connect your laptop to
repeater’s wifi network. first connect to repeater’s wifi using the
password. after connected to wifi you can see that still
we are not able to browse the internet. so here what you have to do is go to browser
settings.go to advance then proxy settings.a new window will open here. under connection go to lan settings. under proxy server enable use a proxy server
for your lan. and enter the ip address and port number given
on the repeater under netshare app. thats it now you can able to browse the internet. friends,if you like this video then share and subscribe to the channel. till than good bye !!!

Danny Hutson

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