★ How to Create a Great Free Forum using Forumotion (w/ Darkaura005)

★ How to Create a Great Free Forum using Forumotion (w/ Darkaura005)

Hey guys Darkaura here, and welcome to the
first part of my new tutorial series, which will walk you through creating a great looking,
functional forum for free. The site you are looking at now is an example of what we’ll
be working towards, it includes a custom banner, a custom navigation bar, and various categories
and forums to chat in. I’ll be showing you how to set up your basic forum, embed a text
based real time chat onto your forum, how to set up a donations page, and various other
functions as well. We’ll also discuss which features of this choice in forum creators
are not free, and what those features can do for you should you choose to buy them.
(Keep in mind, the forum you’re looking at now can be made completely for free, and choosing
to buy any additional features only serve to enhance your site. So let’s move on to the topic of this first
video which is creating the basic shell for your new forum, more advanced topics will
be covered in future tutorials so no worries if you have unanswered questions after this
video. The first step in creating your new forum
is to head over to www.forumotion.com. (The link will be in the description if you need
it) Once you’ve done that you should see this page… Feel free to ignore the various text,
the only button that matters is the “Create a free forum” button to the right. Go ahead
and click on this. Once you’ve done that, you will be redirected
to this page… This page will allow you to choose the function of your forum, which sounds
complecated but let me explain. A Phpbb3 forum is the standard all around
choice, allowing you some customization options, decent power, and ease of use. A Phpbb2 forum is more advanced, and offers
100% customization of your forums, and while it is more difficult to use, it provides a
more high quality forum in the end. We will be using this type of forum for our tutorial. An Invision forum is more focused on power,
it will run better than other types but you may have to sacrifice some features. And finally we have a PunBB forum which is
focused on ease of use, this is the most recommended for new users, or those with little experience
using forumotion. Don’t feel like you need to use this option however, as this series
will cover everything you’ll need to know to create and manage a great forum. As mentioned earlier we are going to use the
Phpbb2 option. After you’ve choosen your type of forum you will be directed to the skin
selection page where you will choose the basic design of your forum, no worries if none of
them look good, you will be changing most of it later. I suggest clicking on the more
skins option before choosing as there are thousands to choose from. For this tutorial we will start with this
skin here… Once you’ve choosen your skin, click on the
create my forum using this skin button. The final step in creating your basic forum
is to enter your general information. Here you will choose your site name, description
and forum adress. You will also need to enter a valid email adress, and finally, a password
then click on continue. Your username is set to “Admin” by default, you can change it in
the user profile section, but for your first login you will use Admin as your username. There you have it, your first forum has been
created, we will go over how to create your first categories, and forum topics in the
next video. If you found this video helpful please consider
leaving a like, and if you found it extremely helpful please consider subscribing as well.
Remember to check out some other videos on my channel if you enjoyed this one, and I’ll
see you in the next episode. Thanks for watching.

Danny Hutson

4 thoughts on “★ How to Create a Great Free Forum using Forumotion (w/ Darkaura005)

  1. Haha thanks, it was the first video I've made that I scripted in order to cover everything. I think it turned out pretty good, hopefully people will learn how to design a cool forum. More tutorials will be out every weekend

  2. Do not, i repeat, do not use Forumotion unless you like advertising on your forum, it's become the most expensive host to have Advertising removed. It's a dying host and won't be around much longer. There are better options out there at a lot lest cost.

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