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ИНТЕРВЬЮ С  LP для LP Blog  Forum Karlin Прага Русские субтитры (перевод)

there’s a humanity that comes down now beautiful quiet weekend when we stand mixer some who don’t know how to experience songs we love together I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of doing that [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my first question is from something more about this it was a we met in Paris I don’t know like probably like early 2017 and then we she we talked about working together and then we had this song that was in like an English song and then she reimagined it with a different concept and then every word another song together from scratch for a record and and yeah it was just like new bleep I came in early nicely and then she wanted to do video and I was a Hellion Epidaurus I’d love to do videos so we went to see I just like brilliant director this kind of around and it was really cool and I think it’s really it’s about I believe it’s about her losing a family member when I when we were doing the video I was thinking like kind of we’re sisters video yeah yeah it was pretty cool it’s pretty much I was freezing my ass look if I look like old it was like five degrees out yeah this was kind of like one of my very early tattoos and it was just kind of I just I remember I saw this artist I was like working in a restaurant in New York City like one of my first jobs and I saw this artist that was like a big local artist and she was just really cool and really nice and she had like she had a store like right in his spot and I thought it was like really cool and and then I was like and then I there was a story about World War two that I heard I’ve seen she tried to look it up and I have there like I feel like it’s it needs more research but it was about how women when women took over working in factories yes in the u.s. in some of the gay women would put blue stars on their wrists when they were working and like they that’s how I like gay women identified each other and I thought that was really cool so yeah I mean it blew she pursed this artist was purple anyway it was kind of like my kind of what I thought at the time like my like I’ve definitely not gonna get a real job tattoo even though it’s like so swallow didn’t matter but I was like yeah oh shoot I’m actually have the one of the new cuts of it in my inbox right now have to check it out it’s I wrote it for somebody else it was my was about me but I wrote it for another woman like a young singer and nothing ever happened with her project and my publisher sent it to me it was like you should really record this and I was like I forgot that I wrote it I was like he’s like yes yes yes you because I think it’s really good you should record it and I was like okay so I did it I loved it so it’s a little bit uh I haven’t we haven’t produced it properly so it’s a little new to be playing I think people really like yes okay that was honestly like like it was [Music] [Music] [Music] so many more so and I’m like already I think kind of way over what I can’t put on a record do you know this I know there’s oh no it’s not a question would you like finally why is it everybody asked me that I don’t have one that’s a good question push another question about ok so I always let me go small yeah push searching the shop ok so my last question because I will show drinking and they are pre-show like [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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